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What we do?


Transformation of a whole company based on 5 steps of LEAN strategy. Ensuring of working environment within the organization where all employees are engaged in common winning.

  • business context
  • direction
  • end-2-end processes and value for the customer
  • leadership 734
  • problem solving system

Development programs

Lean Green Belt and Lean Black Belt are the most demanding and prestigious Lean Certifications Programs, designed to prepare top managers for creating and executing a lean transformation of a whole company. The aim of leadership 734 program is to ensure that everyone is focused on mutual goals and able to work according to the role in the team.

  • Lean Black Belt
  • Lean Green Belt
  • Leadership 734


Lean games and professional workshops inspiring and engaging for continuous improvement.

  • Lean Champions Cup
  • Lead time challenge
  • Power speech
  • Lean Oscar Academy
  • Workshops
    • Strategy & tools workshop
    • Building business contexto
    • 5 steps of lean strategy
    • Leadership 734